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The Spot

In the very north of El Gouna, you always will have perfect kiting conditions. No matter if there is high or low tide, the standing area is between knee, hip and chest deep water. We have no obstacles up-wind - no trees, hotels or any other. Thus, you enjoy completely clean constant sideshore wind-condition. Near the shore we do not have any dangerous corals or reefs. We also did not find El Gouna’s special "thorn shells" yet, but we cannot guarantee anything. Therefore, you should take shoes with you as protection.

After about 700 meters there are some reefs about half a meter under water at high tide. More details you will get at the spot-introduction.

Spot_area1 Kitesurf Kitepower El Gouna
Spot B_EN Kitesurf Kitepower El Gouna

The Station

Good things takes time. After intense preparations we succeeded. The new Kitepower-Station is ready. You can expect the highest of standards at our completely new station. Here are some impressions:

Bar & Restaurant