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El Gouna

El Gouna was founded over 25 years ago in 1989 and is located 25 km north of Hurghada.

It started with just a hotel and a few villas. Meanwhile, everyone can live out their passion in El Gouna, whether it's kitesurfing, diving, horseback riding, jogging, swimming, yoga, spa or just relaxing.
Whether rest or action, everything is possible in El Gouna.

El Gouna offers many culinary highlights. We are happy to advise you about our favorite restaurants and bars. EL Gouna's facinating way of life has developed over the years thanks to the guests from around the world and the egyptian weekender, combining nature, tranquility, and a vibrant athmosphere in one place.

For more information on El Gouna check: www.elgouna.com


El Gouna has been around since 1989 and started with only a hotel and a few houses. Now there are over 20 hotels and countless rental apartments and villas.

For a full list of hotels we recommend the official El Gouna website www.elgouna.com

A selection of hotels near the kite beach: Mosaic, Fanadir (Adults Only), Captains Inn and Maison Bleu.

Protours, our on site partner, will gladly reserve a hotel or apartment for you; and this usually for a great price. Even though officially a hotel is fully booked, Protours will do everything to find you the desired accomodation.

Contact: info@protourstravel.com (be sure to mention that you are at Kitepower).

Or contact us directly: info@kitepowerelgouna.com

No Wind activities

  • Wakeboarding in Sliderpark El Gouna.
  • A snorkeling trip with our own boat.
  • Start the day with a walk to the Abu-Tig Marina or an early jogging round. The sun rises very early, from March to October you best start at 6am.
  • 1 hour in the gym overlooking the sea - followed by a freshly prepared protein shake or smoothie or rich breakfast at Malusbei (also in the AbuTig Marina, under Swiss management).
  • Or something traditional. In addition to Malus, the restaurant Aish Balady offers true traditional oriental cuisine and is also praised by the local population.
  • Or go on horse riding and even go for a walk in the sea?
  • After long kiting days, a real Thai massage in the gym.
  • Enjoy the sunset with a drink, for example, at our kite center.
  • Italian for dinner. eg Sopra Sopra in the Abutig Marina.
  • Or a little quieter with a beer at the Bartender (AbuTig Marina) or Sports Bar for the current Champions League Match.